Basic Dog Obedience Training Class

Private Lessons: The Best Way to Train your Dog

In Home Dog Training MilwaukeeWhen it’s time to teach your puppy obedience, nothing beats having an APDT member, ABCDT certified dog trainer for one-on-one dog training. Rogue Dog Training will travel to your house to teach all the basics to your dog. The ideal setting for a behavior training class is your house because your dog is already familiar and comfortable with the environment. There are no new toys or other puppies to play with, just you, your dog and a certified dog trainer. The focus of each lesson is on training both you and your dog, ensuring all behaviors are taught effectively. Topics covered include focus, sit, stay, down, come, leave it, let’s go and loose leash walking. The wide range of behaviors taught in basic obedience forms a great foundation for you and your puppy. Your dog will come when called and stay put when you say, “Stay.” Rogue Dog Training’s private, private dog obedience classes are the best way to teach the ropes to your canine companion.

Use Reward Based Training for Long Lasting Results

Animals learn best with positive reinforcement. Punishing a dog for every mistake only causes confusion. Fearful compliance to orders may be achieved, but the effects will not last. Rewarding a dog for quick and proper obedience to a command builds a positive relationship and allows your canine friend to flourish. Rogue Dog Training applies the psychological principles of operant behavioral conditioning and classical conditioning to build a positive association with obedience. The result is a dog who actually wants to behave. Reward based training has the added benefit of lasting for years. Your dog will like obeying you and will continue to obey the commands it learned in basic obedience for the rest of its life. Trust Rogue Dog Training for fun obedience classes with life-long results.

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