Rogue Dog Training's Unique Approach Calms Frustrated Greeter

Dogs: Zia and Diesel

"I contacted Steve at Rogue Dog Training to see if he could help with Zia, our 3 Year old German Shepherd which Steve described as a 'frustrated greeter'. She was pulling and barking when we would meet people with other dogs while on our walks and loud and overly excited when greeting people in general. Steve showed us ways to work on calm greetings and it has made a big difference. I had been through the classroom style training sessions at other training facilities before finding Rogue Dog Training but none really addressed the issue we were having with the shepherd greeting people like the private sessions with Steve did.  Steve's private training sessions are unique because he meets with you where the problem exists, whether it is your house or yard, or out on the walking trail. We also have a 1 year old Australian Cattle Dog, Diesel, and Steve was more than willing to include him in the sessions and help with his training as well. He has been very helpful with training both of the dogs and they just love him. I would highly recommend Steve at Rogue Dog Training. You get great personalized service and he truly cares that you are satisfied and get the desired results. I like that he continues to check in with you to see how things are going even after the training sessions have ended. Thanks Steve!" - Denise M.

Wisconsin's on-site dog trainer tackles problems where they exhist.

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