Sarah Prevents Possible Aggression with Tailored Solution

Dog: Wilson 

"Sarah from Rogue Dog Training is fantastic! Our pup has anxiety around new people and I was worried that he could get aggressive with house guests, our kids’ friends or anyone else he comes across and wanted to try to find a way to address the issue so we signed up for 5 in home sessions with Sarah. She took a ton of time to get to know Wilson, observe his behaviors and develop a training plan that would best suit his personality. We’ve now finished our sessions and I understand that we aren’t going to be able to totally change his personality, but he has a routine to follow when he encounters someone new and has also gotten more comfortable with new people. I have done some group classes in the past that were good, but they don’t compare to the 1:1 classes with Sarah because everything we learned was tailored to our situation and Wlison’s needs. I highly recommend Rogue Dog Training!" - Samantha S.

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