Rogue Recognizes Another Frustrated Greeter in Milwaukee

Dog: Tommie 

"I can not thank Steve at Rogue Dog Training enough for his help with my 3 1/2 year old Jack Russell Tommie. I love to take Tommie on runs and hikes with me, but if we ever ran across a dog on the trail he would get overly excited and started pulling, and barking (high pitch screaming) at the dog. I first would ignore it hoping he would eventually stop, but he got progressively worse no matter what I did. I thought the only solution would be a shock collar. However, I didn't want to use a shock collar on Tommie so I reached out to Steve because he uses reward-based training. Steve described Tommie as a "Frustrated Greeter". After working one on one with Steve and practicing each day with Tommie. I can now happily say Tommie is a different dog on a leash! Tommie can now go on busy trails and quietly walk/run pass other dogs! I'm so thankful for Steve's help and patience with Tommie. I'm so happy that Tommie's behavior issue has been resolved without resorting to a shock collar. It's great to finally have my running partner back! Thanks again Steve!" - Deni L.

Rogue understands the difference between frustation and aggression. Contact us today for an accurate diagnosis.  

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