Rogue Reins in Overexcited Shepherd in Waukesha

Dog: SiggySiggy Waukesha

"My German Shepherd Dog, Siggy, grew up fast, unfortunately she didn't quite understand how large and intimidating she had also become. Despite not having a mean bone in her body, her overexcited greetings and leash pulling became issues that made walks very difficult. I contacted Rogue Dog Training and have seen a transformation in Siggy ever since the first training session with Steve. He sat down with us and got to know Siggy before developing a plan to help her be successful. He spends time making sure that lesson plans are well thought out and tailored to your dog. I couldn't be happier with the results I have seen with Siggy. None of this would have been possible without Steve's help. Thanks!" - Adam N.

Tired of pulling and jumping? Sore arms from walking?! Contact Wisconsin's #1 Dog Trainer.

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