Rogue Transforms "Nightmare" into a Dream in Sussex

Dog: Sadie

"We contacted Rogue Dog Training because our 6 month old chocolate lab was a nightmare. She was very mouthy and was breaking skin. She would growl and bite if you took anything out of her mouth. We had been struggling with these same issues since we brought her home at 8 weeks. We were in desperate need of help. When I emailed Steve at Rogue he returned my email within the hour and was able to set up a free in home consultation quickly. I had in home consultations with other dog trainers in the area and they all took one look at her and told us she was aggressive, they then proceeded with a pricey sales pitch. Steve took the time, and asked us a lot of questions regarding our dog’s history and our home life. He watched her behavior during the consultation and assured us she was not aggressive, but rather didn’t respect or understand boundaries.

We signed on for 6 training sessions that worked around our schedule and went at the pace we were comfortable with. Steve would email to check in to see how things were going and send us training material. He always answered emails promptly and even went the extra mile by calling us when we were having trouble. Honestly, I had lost all hope that my puppy would ever stop biting us. After 6 training sessions with Steve our dog no longer bites and listens to commands I never thought she would. Steve gave us the tools and confidence to mold our unruly puppy into a beloved family member.

Not only is Steve educated, trained, and certified, but he’s constantly learning new techniques.  I have been extremely happy with Rogue Dog Training.  I have had dogs my whole life and trained them all myself. I am also a Certified Veterinary Technician with experience and education in animal behavior. This little puppy I could not figure out and was at my wits end. I highly recommend Rogue Dog Training and will continue to use." - Sarah H.

Looking for a Certified Dog Trainer with proven results? Don't want to listen to a pricey sales pitch from a salesperson and not a real dog trainer? Then, we think you're at the right place. Contact Rogue today to put an end to your "Nightmare".

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