Rogue Uses Field Trips to Help Dogs Overcome Fears and Eliminate Reactive Behaviors

Dog: Micah

"A huge thank you to Steve Terwilliger from Rogue Dog Training for working with Micah and I with 1 on 1 training at our home, and on field trips to public places to help Micah overcome his Shy/Reactive behavior. Micah has become a very calm, happy puppy, and is not fearful anymore 🐶🐾 He now looks to me for reassurance and commands, and is so much more relaxed. This training has been a god send for both Micah and I 💕 We can now go for walks again, stop and talk to people on our walks, go to the pet store to check out all the wonderful toys and treats they have, and even go to the vet without him freaking out on us 😊 Life is a lot less stressful for all of us 💜🐾🐕 Thank you so much Steve for getting Micah back on the right path (or as Hannah calls you "The puppy Assessor)." - Joyce F.

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