Rogue's Reward Based Training Builds Confidence of Hales Corners' Dog

Dog: Gatsby

"I recently adopted a young dog from a local rescue in December of 2014. Gatsby is a Cocker Spaniel mix and is as cute as can be; however, he had some issues that needed to be addressed and that were very concerning to me.

Gatsby was very timid, he was afraid of people, noises and quick movements. He barked a lot and would flinch if I reached for him. I have had dogs my entire life and had never seen such a young dog act this way. I came to the conclusion that Gatsby suffered some kind of abuse or neglect. Knowing I needed help, I searched online... I reviewed many dogs trainers and  Rogue Dog Training got my attention. I was very impressed with Steve's background and training.

I called to set up an appointment for a consultation. I was immediately impressed with Steve's greeting and interaction with Gatsby. Steve worked out a plan on what needed to be done with my dog. I have to say that I saw results immediately. Gatsby had come a long way and I am grateful for Steve's knowledge and love for animals. I would highly recommend Rogue Dog training to anyone that needs help with their dog." - Tania V.

Need help with bringing your fearful pup out of his shell? 

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